Automatic Voltage Regulators

GE advantage

Key Features:

  • GE voltage regulators are robust solutions to regulate voltage without comprising quality and reliability, providing a total cost of ownership that is nearly 20% better than competing products.
  • GE voltage regulators Fully complies with ANSI requirements and IEEE standards
  • comply with IEEE C57.15-2009 and NEMA 4
  • Seismic certified
  • 20 Years of Maintenance free operation
  • High class Load Tap Changer (LTC) switch provide 2 million mechanical operations
  • internal arrester provides less stress to the coil under lightning/impulse surge events
  • Applications: supports both substation and pole mounted applications
  • control cabinet meets NEMA 3R and UL50 requirements and testing
  • Forward and reverse power flow measurements for volt/var management on distributed generation feeders.


Main Components:

  • Weather resistant Carbon steel tank
  • Three cover bushings (S, L, SL) with clamp-type terminal
  • Hand-hole cover
  • Heavy Duty Lifting lugs on the tank
  • Oil drain valve and sampling device
  • Minimum oil sight gage
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Dial-type position indicator with drag hand and load bonus adjustment
  • anodized aluminum nameplate on tank and control cabinet
  • Seismic certified galvanized adjustable sub-base, heights available from 15.5” to 42.5”
  • ANSI Type II Inhibited 10 C mineral oil meets ASTM D-3487 requirements
  • Control cabinet equipped with universal connector
  • 18” to 36” creep porcelain bushings
  • Oil filled bushings designed for high voltage applications
  • 5 ft. control cable length, UL & CSA certified
  • Switching reactor and equalizer windings
  • Self-contained voltage supply for motor and control devices
  • Switching mechanism (quick-break, slow-make operation)
  • Core and coil assembly with patterned, epoxy- coated insulation paper and oven-bonded
  • Center-tapped, internally mounted, zinc-oxide series winding bypass arrester mounted internally
  • Current transformer for monitoring and metering load current
  • Heavy duty LTC switch

Standard Ratings:

  • Wide range of rated power voltage requlator 55 – 660 kVA
  • Available for Medium Voltage range 11 – 22KV